Content Analysis & Reporting

WriteAnalytics is an analysis tool that helps you produce amazing, well-crafted content that your audience will love and that search engines will recognize!

Get Your Content Marketing Analysis!

Enter any website URL (even a competitve one) to get an analysis. It's free.

This single-page tool is free to use.
We hope that you'll love it and share it with friends, collegues, & clients.

Create Unique, Valuable, Competitive Content!

How do you know if the content you are producing is a UNICORN or just FODDER for the sake of a content schedule?

Multi-Media & Multi-Device Analysis

Multi-Device Analysis

Our analysis engine will automatically check your website design, accessibilty, mobile-readiness and responsiveness.

Plus, we provide screen shots of your site by device and browser!

Technical SEO

Search Engine Marketing

We provide analysis (and suggestions) for cross linking, bounce-out factors, content hierarchy, rich media and standard SEO content checks.

Plus lots of tech stuff to keep your web devs on their toes!

Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis

We know you're marketing on social media too!

So we automatically analyize each piece of content for social media realivancy (timeliness), ease of sharing, social-ready images

Content Feedback

Content Feedback

Most importantly, WriteAnalytics reads your content and searches the web for similar materials (then compares them).

All so you can produce more content unicorns!

Automated Conversion Flow, Lead-Gen & Drip Communication Checks!

Unless you are a blogger (and even then) you are likely trying to get your visitors to take an action. Are you putting your best foot forward? Do your forms work?

Developers Use Automated Testing, Now Marketers Can Too!

Nothing destroys a good day more than a broken lead-gen form. Now, with WriteAnalytics you can be sure that your marketing communications work the way you want them too!

WriteAnalytics can subscribe to your marketing using different personas, then periodically test each entry point to your marketing funnel to make sure they all work!

Bonus: Does your company use Salesforce? We can check to make sure those leads are showing up in the right lead queue (and that ythe sales team is following up)!

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